K-Nel feat Kawira – Nina Njaa (Prod by Waithaka Ent)


So first and foremost I want to apologize to K-Nel (also known as Nelson), I slept on this song when it was truly more important to have released it rather than today. However to my defense the fundamentals contained in the message in this song can be applied across any time period so I feel like keeping in spirit of what you were going through when you wrote this. Its important to continue the conversations to ensure the tragedy happening in Northern Kenya doesnt happen again.

Let me first say that I am a critical consumer/mwananchi. I tend to criticize a lot of initiatives that are built on disaster response as opposed to strategic prevention. To me the Govt should have always been working on sustainable economic growth programs that can project such situations. Now I am not saying the Somali situation was foreseeable (am not that visionary), however I am just saying when people embark to collect funds and make songs and put up drives – they need to know that HUNGER in NORTHERN KENYA has been a growing problem way before the “Horn Of Africa Crisis” started. Anyway I digress.

Attached is the GetMziki world premier of the long awaited Single “Nina Njaa” meaning “I am Hungry” ft the Kenyan singstress Kawira which was produced by Waithaka Entertainment and mixed by Provoke! K-Nel wrote the track and dedicated it to the Hunger Victims in Kenya and Somalia. After travelling to Kenya and seeing the situation first hand, he had no words to describe what he experienced, so he penned it in a track. He echoed to me that his message would simply be “Don’t cure the problem, cure the cause”. Join my “Horn Of Africa” project and support. A few weeks ago he had a series of events in Cologne to raise funds and awareness. For more info visit … http://www.anglohili.com. And of-course you can download the track here …

Meanwhile has anyone seen K-Nel’s hit webisode/TV series – SURPRISING EUROPE? Dude is a hustler ha ha ha http://surprisingeurope.com/

listen and download the track here:

Nina Njaa by K-Nel ft Kawira (Prod by Waithaka Ent) by Waithaka Ent


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