Wyre feat Peetah & Gramps Morgan – Guarantee (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I’ve never done this before, where I receive a track and post in like ten seconds. I often try to be considerate and give the marketing teams due diligence to promote and push the track their own way through media before it hits the diaspora (for most big tracks). However this Wyre TRACK IS FIYAAAH and I am making no apologies for being the first to drop it this week. Basically all these cats were in Kenya last week for some EABL inspired concert that I am getting had some financial drama more than the US economy. I also gather one cool cat is Shaggy – apparently it was raining so much that folks were not sure if the gig was going on…

So Shaggy took a can of water poured in himself so that he can be as wet as the folks in the crowd – I mean how cool or worldly is that. To me that’s a free spirited artist right there.

Now not to take away anything from this banger but I put Gramps and Peets pics up coz Wyre Killed this TRACK (MEANING HE OVER DELIVERED). Clearly homeboy is on something or the other coz I feel like i should take back every negative word I have ever said about Wyre. The delivery, the production and just the energy is off the chains. Wyre bigs up man this is a collabo and a track that will give you some legs you’ll never imagine.

Kama nime sambaza Dancehall DJs wote wa Oakland – Bless

listen and download the track here:

[Download the track here:] (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:


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