K-Nel – Mbele Tu Sana (GetMziki Exclusive)



In the mixtape industry there is a term artists use called OPB (Other people’s beats), where you get an instrumental of a popular song out there and flip it. The result can be 50:50 in that you can do a flip of the song for it to sound horrible or you can rock it nicely such that it holds it own weight as compared to the original version. With the blessing of all parties involved, K-Nel jumps on P-Unit’s hit song “Juu Tu sana” and flips it to “Mbele Tu Sana” and the result is impressive. He even went ahead and recorded a video for the street single. The song ‘Mbele Tu Sana” is the first single off his upcoming street album entitled KenyaWood 2 that will be available for FREE download on 28 April 2009.

I’ve said time and time again that doing quality street albums and mixtapes is a sure way of establishing your street credibility and getting your name out there. You however have to make sure that you deliver a presentable package with the covers and song quality on point. I don’t really understand when artists have like 10 “singles” out and the label can’t even put out a compilation album or street album for the artist. K-Nel understands the essence of mixtapes and street albums, something I have been trying to convince a couple of Kenyan artists to embrace. Only time will tell !!!!!!

listen to the song here:


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