Storm Records – All Star Freestyle (GetMziki Nigerian Exclusives)


logo courtesy of Storm Records

I am still on this Naija shit, I am uploading this song specifically for Musyoka (Dr. Dre wa Kenya). Musyoka is a frequent GetMziki user and contributor. But I am sure if all the DJ’s on this site listened to this track you will automatically think two people created this genius work. 1. Eric Musyoka (Kenya). 2. Andre Romelle Young (Dr. Dre) USA. Actually let me take back that statement because this is a freestyle so the origin of the beat may be suspect.

This is an old Naija collaboration of the Storm Record artists – D’Banj, Naeto C, eLDee and Ikechukwu, it was featured on one of the Storm Records Mixtapes. What kills me about this track is not really that the beat is phat (its a very suspect Dre Beat) but its the fact that all the Naija artists killed the track – Dbanj’s freestyle in that classic Naija vernacular that brings the tracks essence to life.

It’s also interesting to realize that the whole Urban African Hiphop movement is very alive across the continent, basically there is a Dr. Dre and a Timbaland in Nigeria as much as in Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries… it fascinates me completely

Enjoy this weekend banger here.

listen to All Star freestyle here:


download the track here:


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