K-teezy, Vintiqueezy and Vyba (JointYaChava) – ZikiRuka (GetMziki Exclusive**)



Am kinda bummed that Dyme sent me this track like last week, considering its been making rounds on facebook and on other sites so to call it exclusive here would be an insult. (Sorry Dyme I had to call you out on this one). Meanwhile someone in Kenya stole Chava’s track “Wacha Kukata” and apparently remade the entire track, the video and everything just like Chava and crew did. When Chava called me about that track – I wasnt sure if I should be upset or glad that someone is actually bootlegging his music!

I think its a good thing when guys like your style so much they want to cop it.

Now on the flip side your whole K-Teezy, Vintiqueezy, Vyba movement is still hitting the right spots (so far). This track is on point, good production, good flow, good name dropping (nimezisikia he he he – thats a sure shot to get guys to push your track). Also after listening to the hook and listening to K-Teezy I have to school some folks here. A lot of people think that AutoTune and Vocoder are the same thing. Auto tune is a plug in made my Antares which is used for pitch correction (what K-Teezy’s voice and the hook has been infused by… actually I think probably the whole track has been chapwad Auto Tune.. correct me if I am wrong). A vocoder on the the other hand (without using Roger Troutman as an example) takes a signal plugged into a device (synthesizer) the signal goes through the microphone and is sent through a series of oscillators and filters which create the synthesizer sounds.

Anyway as far as I know no Kenyan has used Vocoder on any of their tracks all these tracks are on Autotune. Either way am waiting to see if Jay Z will really kill Autotune coz Africa’s got next on this production style. Nearly all the new tracks am listening to have some form of voice modification – overall its all good am not knocking anyones style – we will see how long this will last.

listen to zikiruka here:


download the track here:


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