Kanja – Cry for you


I talk to Kanja every once often when I get a chance and truthfully its hard for me sometimes to watch artists go through a transformation of sorts as they come to the grip and realities of their careers. Kanja is a cool cat no doubt about it, but if you had been talking to him over the last 2yrs of his booming career from BET to live performances to getting to develop his brand. One thing you will notice is a sense of maturity in the approach to his music, his creative mind and overall just telling nature of the state of the industry today.

His music sense is growing and his tastes are expanding, I think he is accommodating his culture and accepting the fact that he has this large audience of diaspora folks who like him and he also has this opportunity to talk to this burgeoning African market that he probably didn’t know existed. When you listen to this track you can hear the hunger to reach out to different cultures which is something I probably couldnt tell about him about two years ago.

As much as this track dropped a few months ago, we are dropping it today because its more relevant today. We will be watching Kanja’s next moves keenly, his collaborations, his producers and more importantly his writing (message). The future still looks bright for The African King – bless this track if you can please.

listen and download the track here:

Kanja – Cry For You by getmziki

watch the video here:


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