Kanja & Kunzo – Bounce Bounce, Bounce


Some quick hits, Kanja has a new track with Kunzo from Nigeria. I have no real opininon on the track right now – since I am barely getting to listen to it, but maybe in a few days I will add on to the post what I think. Initial thoughts are that there is no real verse, too many hooks, too many piga makofis and bounce bounce bounce – not sure how to jam to this. And its okay I guess lol. I mean we cant be serious all the time, maybe sometimes we just need happy music.

I think I am also getting tired of Auto Tune in a sense… Sure T-Pain can do it and get away with it and so can Akon but for most part a lot of these cats have other songs without voice correction. After while folks will just need to hear your voice. I think maybe that’s why I liked that “Shorty say ahh”… Or Maybe I liked that Song coz of Naomi (Man naomi is CAKE waaaa lol).

Anyway listen to the track let us know what you think..

listen and download the track here:

Kanja & Kunzo – Bounce, Bounce, Bounce by getmziki

watch the video here:


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