We listen to tons of music on a everyday basis. Apart from the music we receive on our emails, we also go out there and get that good quality music from artists that are perfecting their craft. We also dearly commit ourselves as principle, not to endorse artists, so any music you see us posting is music we like and is above all good quality music. I have been following Kash for a while and it’s only perfect timing with his new hit Kioo. I Love it when artists keep everyone abreast with the latest slang and incorporate that in their music..

This record goes HARD….


In an era saturated with upstart MCs all vying for the coveted status of ‘next big thing’, the story of Nairobi’s native, KASH (Born, Ken Omanwa) is a refreshing exception to the quick route to fame and success.

Kash has made himself notable through a scholarly approach to the game with his powerful word play, Boss-like delivery, and a confident flow that commands audiences across diverse cultures.

Taking from his favorite artists, a love for powerful lyricism, KASH advanced to writing his own lyrics from the age of 15, soon amassing stacks of notebooks filled with rhymes and observations. Without a D.J or producer to provide a beat, he industriously started creating his own sounds and lyrics while rapping out loud and being caught up in his own musical world, leading to perfecting his current skill.

In 2010, he started his own entertainment outfit, GRINDHAUZ ENTERTAINMENT that he currently works under, and in the same year, recorded and released his first single “Not A Love Song”, acclaimed through the vivid artistic expression of real-life situations in the lyrics and delivery.

KiOO (One Hundred), Performed by KASH, is the first official single off his sophomore Album (The RED Tape) scheduled for release on the 14th of AUGUST 2016…….

”’Kioo” is an urban Kenyan slang’ word meaning ONE HUNDRED. hence the inspiration behind the song.

Watch the video below:


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