Brand New: Kenrazy, DNA, Kaya – Mziki (GetMziki Exclusive***)


When Danny dropped this track on my laps today, I wanted to sit on it and wait for a little while, but jama!!! the more I listen to this song am amazed at the different talents in Kenya. This track definitely sounds JOMINO-ish (actually very Banjuka reloaded ish). You cant mistake the production style, but needless to say the hook, the flow, the collaboration and the delivery is off the chains.

I am definitely hooked on to DNA’s voice, that cat should have been a radio presenter – deep voiced MC in Kanye “East” Shades, his image has been up to par and he seems to maintain his artist credibility at all times. To me if you are an artists you need to be in character at all times in order to maintain your image – and those white shades were at some point synonymous with DNA (Mr. Banjuka). KenRazy for me still has a lot to do to prove himself as an artists, I drew close similarities between him and JuaCali after Tichi – but consistency has been an issue… Kaya is an artist I am not familiar with but I am hoping with time I will get fairly acquainted with his music.

We have a lot more music ready for December since we want to push all 2008 material out the door before the end of the year. We also will do a countdown for the hottest songs and artists of 2008. But for now enjoy this song – its on FIRE… Play it a few more times..

Usikatsie NGOMAAAAA!!

listen to Mziki here:


download the track here:


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