Brand New: Vinticqeezy feat Vyba – Jiachilie


img courtesy of Vinticqueezy

My argument to document and democratize Kenyan artists making moves in the US continues immensely. Each month I am overwhelmed with new content, new artists, new material, so much that I am actually getting picky with what I publish and what I don’t. This is the last time I will make this statement for all our Kenyan readers (mainly all the producers, DJs and promoters who read this site from Kenya). Kenyans in the US wanasimama, na wamenyonji!! raundi hii si mchezo.

The formula for me is simple, artists are being groomed locally, they are forming the right partnerships with DJ’s and promoter networks. And they are supplying their music to the Diaspora in such a rapid rate – we are compelled to respond to their music whether we like it or not.

Take for instance Vinticqueezy and Vyba (btw Vicky I think that name just needs to change Vintiqueezy – its not a good brand name, I’ve had such a long time trying to memorize the spelling, but maybe thats the strategy so that I struggle to remember your name 🙂 sijui). But here is a crew that were pushed undoubtedly well by TOD pre-Thanksgiving events, I came to learn about them only from the hype generated from that promo. Their song was released first on the TOD site and then they got to perform in Atlanta. The sequence of events is very different from how music is pushed in Kenya, either way you look at it – you have a package and a platform that seems to be working well for most of the Kenyan artists in the US.

I don’t yet have an opinion about this song, I seem to me more amazed about the process of how the song was made and how the song and artists are being promoted and pushed in the US. To me the new generation of Kenyan/American entertainment is highly fascinating. Its a generational gap that seems to have passed me while I was asleep – so for now listen to the song, give your feedback (the instrumental is available also). I also attached a highly interesting video they made, while recording and making the song which will back up everything I’ve been saying about beats made in bedrooms –

Jiachilie Maze!!!

ps. That Chava drop in the begining of the songs is highly infectious good job!!! ni kama signature ya ULOPA Ngoma

listen to Jiachilie here:


download the track here:


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