Prezzo- Cheki Ninavyo Roll


Am posting this song only because Prezzo just got married and I couldnt think of any other song that would commemorate his stepping into the new age other than this song (its not a new song). This is one of the few tracks I’ve had in the GM archives but never thought I would actually publish it because it focuses on a specific moment and time in Jackson’s life. Its much to personal for him especially because of the Collaborations involved in this track.

If you pay close attention to this song you will hear beats and essence of the whole dirty south style. Kenya went through this phase a few years ago where many hiphop artists dabbled their hands into the whole south style. Tshazi is probably one of the few producers who ran with this production style and got a few artists recognized here and there. Either way here is Cheki Ninavyo Roll by Prezz featuring Tah Blaze one of the former CMB posse.

Also R.I.P Feroze you are always missed Mshkaji wangu, always missed…

listen to cheki navyo roll here:


download the track here:


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