Kidum feat Sanaa – Mulika Mwizi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I feel like at his peek TID from Tanzania should have been something more prominent like KIDUM. Unfortunately I feel as though TID wasted a large part of his career to growing up and trying to define himself as a R7B artists when he had the opportunity to be so much more than what he was struggling to be. Each time I listen to KIDUM something special happens inside my body (sijui ni nini)… Maybe these Rwandese folks have some juju or something. Truthfully when you put KIDUM and SANAA (formerly of SEMA) the music is just magical.

Am going to try and limit the amount of influence I am imposing on this track but truthfully if you like Urban Soul/ Kenyan Soul or for lack of a better way to classify these sounds “Afropean Soul” then you definitely will love this track. Sing on KIDUM sing on. Good production on this track by the way, its just smooth and mellow.

listen to Mulika Mwizi here:


download the track here:

watch the video:


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