Mejja – Landlord (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I need to make a quick post before the long weekend starts for all the folks who are based in Kenya. It’s fascinating to me how Kenya and some other countries in Africa have about a four day holiday during Easter. Anyway I need to post this song coz the video is fire – real talk I have over stated how I love Calif Records videos over and over again. Luch and Clemo are just on another level in terms of capturing our African lifestyles and African way of life in their videos. Its also refreshing how Mejja makes songs for the people. Really here is one artists who rarely talks about how much money he has made, about what car he is driving and how his social economics have changed. If anything I think he works ten times harder to capture the social dynamics of the real mwananchi in Kenya.

I often feel a little lost when you talk to guys who live in uptown Nairobi, its as though Nairobi is a country in itself. There are guys who will watch this video and listen to the song and really cant relate to it. I love the fact that Mejja makes videos in Calif (for most part all his videos have been so fresh man).

Clemo released a new mobile application (WAP based app) that you now can download longs, videos and so forth if you are in Kenya. [] or [] Ideal if you access it using your mobile phone as opposed to the browser. I talk to Clemo often and I like the fact that his camp is always trying to push the envelop. I think these cats have a very good understanding of the local market in Kenya and I like that they push the envelop each time.

Enjoy this killer track and lovely video – happy Easter.

listen to Landlord here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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