Kimya Feat Bamboo – Kitu (GetMziki Exclusive)


Kenyan Kimya has been on the grind in the musical scene for a while now and has numerous records under his belt. Our s

erver has several tracks that he’s sent to our team, but “Kitu” is a very solid effort for a spot on the site.

Kimya has a double edged sword working for and against him. One, he’s Bamboo’s brother and like it or not, people will always compare the two artists. My own personal opinion is that the two have varying styles which create a perfect blend of a ‘Both of both worlds”.

On his latest single, Kimya recruits his brother, Bamboo to create a characteristically gumbo like infectious, club type of record that has some inviting Indian sample that meshes well, with the duo’s lyrics. I was really impressed by the back and forth trade of bars by the duo which gives the record banger status.

Kimya comes hard on this, and I believe this is the type of songs he should do. I can see definitely see this hitting the radio and clubs and doing pretty well.

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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