KK – “L’Animal (The Album) ***ARTIST OF THE WEEK


Tanzanian artist KK, recently released his debut album titled “L’Animal.

I must confess and say that the team sent me the records a while back but with everything in life going on it took me a while to get to listen to it. I have been listening to KK’s debut album for a week now and I must confess that the album is a great dope collection of records.

The album portrays his entire journey in his signature brazen, bold manner, complimented with a newly acquired slightly edgy yet soft touch to his sound.Known by his artist name “KK”, Khalid Kumbuka is one of the founding members of Kwanza Foundation an offshoot of the legendary Kwanza Unit, which was the cornerstone and birth of Hip Hop and Rap in Tanzania.This collective, founded by his older brother in 1990, provided the roots under which his passion for music took shape. His interest was further piqued when he later moved to the UK where he honed his writing skills, through MC’ing and underground battle raps.His return to Tanzania in 2010, was the turning point for KK whereby he partnered with fellow Ilala rapper Chidi Benz forming a hip-hop duo “Illtown Kings”, a collaboration that lead to his emergence as a solo recording artist.“L’Animal” is his first studio project which includes hits such as “Defiant” and regional summer hit “Ready To Go”, which was directed and filmed in the UK.In a conversation with Mr Reuben Ndege, Country Manager and Creative Director at SCANAD and the host of BBall Kitaa, he had a few things to say, “This album is a ‘Coming of Age’ for KK!

“L’Animal is a real solid piece of work. KK puts out a coherent piece of work that actually bumps.

Ice Baby is a great record for singing along.

here are some bangers from the album.

Listen to “Ready to go” Below

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Listen to “For the City” Below

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Listen to “Ice Baby” Below

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Watch the video for ‘Ready to Go” below:


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