K-Naan : ABC instrumentals and accapellas unpacked!!



It’s not a secret that we adore Knaan and salute him, considering his album dropped last week we have been on a KNAAN frenzy for the last few days partly because he is a close friend to many of us and also coz we are just excited to see him actually getting there – KNAAN represents AFRICA in a big way.

Anyway today am throwing a challenge to all DJS out there (hoping that the label doesn’t come back at bite us in the ass). Thanks to DJ Gee (GIBRAM) for hooking this up. That said I would like to throw a challenge since its K-NAAN week, attached are the instrumental, accappella, and the original track for those who aint got it yet – I challenge any DJ to come up with something massively creative with this track – the world is yours, express yourself… we got you the ABC’s.

listen to the instrumental here:


download the instrumental here:

listen to the accapella here:


download accapella here:

Bonus material – K-Naan feat Chub Rock:


download the track here:


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