Kwame Rīgīi- Munoti


This is new great sounding music from Kwame Rīgīi. He is definitely one of my top five artists in Kenya right now.

A Kenyan songwriter, singer and poet who is out to redefine and restore Kenyan music by setting a trend that aims at preserving local languages through music. He defines himself by creating a melodic fusion of urban and folk elements to give a vocal delivery that some have described as Afro-soul with what he describes as a laid-back, soulful texture.’

Mùnoti by Kwame encapsulates this fact in a sultry, almost comical way. Kwame’s thematic character is the quintessential ‘saint in the streets, and sassy shuga-dripping sista in the sheets’!
Mùnoti is an undeniable musical masterpiece, that will over time catapult Kwame to a new dimension in Afrikan artistry.

The records coming out of the camp are trendsetters both musically and sonically.


Watch the video below:


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