Matisyahu Feat Nameless – One Day (GetMziki World Cup Feature)


    The biggest sporting event is going to kick off in a few minutes and we here @ GetMziki want to take this opportunity to wish all the teams representing Africa all the best.

    The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album “Listen Up” has been out for a while now and the album features artists like R. Kelly, the Soweto Spiritual Singers, Shakira, Nneka, Angelique Kidjo, Wyclef, John Legend, Pitbull, TKZee, a special mesage from Mandela and many more. I really have mixed feelings about the album after they failed to include K’Naans “Waving Flag”.

    One song that stood out for me was this song by Matisyahu Feat Nameless – “One Day”. Matisyahu is an international superstar that is most recognizable for being an orthodox Jew known for blending traditional Jewish themes with Reggae, rock and hip hop sounds. He is most recognizable for his single “King Without a Crown”, which was a successful Top 40 hit. Though a reggae superstar, he certainly does not look the part. Far from the dreadlocked Rastafarian reggae archetype, Matisyahu is a unassuming, lanky, bearded Jewish man in traditional dress (often, a black wool suit and a wide brimmed hat) who would look more at home in a synagogue than at a concert.

    There are many version of this song floating around with even Akon on one of them and for the Organisers to pick the version with Nameless speaks volumes on the progress Kenyan music is making. Kudos to everyone involved in the project!!!!

    Enjoy “One Day”

    It’s time to get your Vuvuzelas ready.  Go Africa!!!


    Click Here to Download the Song (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

    Listen to the track below:


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