Quick Rocka Feat Q-Jay – Bullet


This song is not new but has been riding strong in the streets of Tanzania for a while now. It’s one of them songs I call “street anthems”. My promise to everyone in 2010 was to introduce people to “new artists” that were slowly but surely grinding hard. All I’m gonna say is remember the name, “Quick Rocka”.

Quick Rocka a.k.a MR FAST is an upcoming young rap star from the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Starting his journey at the tender age of 14, Quick Rocka now 19 has stunned many older more mature and established rappers at his school whenever he performed in various talent shows. Accompanied by Chieph, Mo’ and Dau, the boys formed a crew by the name of THE ROCKAZ. They agreed upon an identical name “ROCKA” preceded by their nicknames so as to show their personal identities and uniqueness within the group. The Rockaz released their first single ROCKAZ ANTHEM early 2009. The song was well received and performed well on the local charts and officially marked the the foursome’s arrival into the index of Tanzania’s elite rap artists. Quick Rocka was noticed by MJ Records and signed almost instantly, following an explosive radio interview that impressed the CEO of the record label. Under MJ Records, Quick Rocka is composing a solo album and his first single from that album is BULLET(Courtesy of Manorionline)

Some of his lines on the first verse summarizes who “Quick Rocka” is

“Kwenye hii game nasafisha nakomaa kisanii,
Kama Quick Rocka ndo nawika nani hanisikii, (weeee!)
Kama unaifeel track keep it real,
Play it don’t stop thats the deal,
Kama hunipendi i don’t mind just chil,
Lakini naamini one day utanifeel”


Listen to the Track below:


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Watch the video below:


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