Mejja ft Madtraxx – Twen Zetu (GetMziki Faceoff ***)



We have this feature called FACEOFF that we introduced a while back and although it’s not a consistent as would like it to be, it’s still a great way of showcasing records.

Like we said before when we had the Mejja Vs MadTraxx FACEOFF with “Poa” , the feature is to put two artists toe to toe on a basic poll. The idea is not to discredit one artist vs the other but rather to measure the value of different lyrical flow, composition and song writing.

Twen Zetu is a good track that finds Mejja and Mad Traxx going hard on what they are best known for; story telling. They each have separate verses to start off with and on the last verse they go back and forth with such amazing ease and lyrical flow. The duo of Mejja and Mad Traxx could do amazing things together as a unit. I’m sure enough people have thrown the whole idea of them doing a collabo album which from the amazing records they have out, would be a no brainer.

For now listen to Twen Zetu and let us know what you think… which of the two artists goes harder on the record

Listen to the track below:

[audio: ft Madtraxx twenzetu.mp3]

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Update: Watch the video below:


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