Alpha feat Mejja – Jeshi Ni La Genge (GetMziki Exclusive****)


Update: When we published this hit last week we included Madtraxx on the track, however Madtraxx is not on this track, this track only features Mejja and Alpha. Sorry for the error

We recently got tons of new record

s from Calif records and we are slowly shifting and listening to the tracks (Yeah, we do share the tracks among the team and slowly take days listening and marinating on the songs). One of the tracks “Maida Feat Laudy” was just posted by Leo a couple of days ago. On that same breath, big shout outs to Leo for coming through with the graphics above. Iko!!!!

We get tons of songs a day from artists, producers, managers and record companies and we really try and showcase what we believe is good quality music, that represent Africa. I won’t lie, when we first got this track from our contacts (U know who u are hehehe), the label on the track was wrong and as such I skipped on the track, but when I listened to it finally, I realized it was a Mejja, Mad Traxx and Alpha song. Do I need to say more!!!!!

I will not say too much about this track, since the track breath’s for itself. To really appreciate the track listen to the lyrics please. I wanna find out what people out there think of the song. On a side note, when is Mejja debut album coming out!!!!!. The tracks I have from Mejja are more than 15 which is enough for an album nowadays. I know Mad Traxx is finally releasing his album this year and their 2 albums should definitely take Kenyan musical standards to higher heights.

For those who cannot wait for Mejja’s album you can listen to a “Mejja Street Album Promotional Mix” we did With Dan Mixa last year in July.

Listen to Jeshi LA Genge Below:

Download Jeshi LA Genge Below:

Listen to Mejja’s Promotional Street Album Mix Jul 2009:


Download The Mix Here│ (Right Click & “Save As”)


1. Anaishi Kwa Bank
2. Asante Majengo – Feat Sheena
3. Sina Confidence – With Alpha Msanii
4. Niko Poa
5. Jana Kulienda Aje
6. Roundi Hii Si Mchezo – Feat Madtraxx and Jimwat
7. Mezesha – Feat Madtraxx and Jimwat
8. Mwanisema – With Kendi
9. Bongo La Biashara – With Jua Cali
10.Twende Juu Twende Chini – With Jua Cali, Raudy, Alahola, Linda, K-Solja
11. Songa Mbele – With Ru, Sheena, K-Solja
12. Ni Bro Wa Chali Yangu – With Wamboi, Sheena


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