Mejja vs Madtraxx (GetMziki FACEOFF – Who did it better) – Poa



We have been toying the idea about starting a new feature called FACEOFF which will put two artists toe to toe on a basic poll. The idea is not to discredit one artist vs the other but rather to measure the value of different music against one another based on sound, lyrical flow, composition and song writing. Please let us know what you think about this feature as the site generally progresses.

To start off this feature we will showcase these two new tracks, one by Mejja titled “Niko Poa” and the other by Madtraxx titled “Poa” (Kamko Poa). The Mejja track is slightly newer so not too many people are bound to have heard it. But either way Clemos capabilities are clearly heard through the track – putting that against a similarly titled track (Madtraxx – Poa) that has been killing radio for a few months only seems right.

Please place your vote, let us know what you think… which of the two sounds better

listen to niko poa here:


listen to Uko Poa here:



ps. download options will be available on single postings after a week


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