Mixtape Fridays: Young Guru Artist Advice


We have tons of artists, producers and record companies that frequent the site and although we showcase and promote African music, we also strive to enlighten and advice people out there about the music industry in general.

If you read CD inserts then you are familiar with Jay-Z’s personal engineer, Young Guru. A couple of weeks ago he stepped behind the SSL 9000 to hold court about the enslavement of artists to the corporate labels, who run the industry. Here is one quote from Guru. “I tell folks all the time, today music is the new cotton and many artists are field slaves begging to get into master’s house”.

The record industry, as we currently know it, may be a very different creature in the next few years and the jury is still out on what lies ahead. As the industry changes and more artists choose to be independent for financial or artistic reasons, the model for making music is shifting away from record sales and towards touring and merchandise.

Happy Friday!!!!


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