Murfy’s fLaW – In Silence


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When Murfy’s fLaw sent me this track I honestly didnt know where to classify this type of music coming out from Kenya. So I shelved it as I think about the fate of that track. Truthfully am not a fan of DARK music, and not that this is DARK music but its borderline PUNK ROCK, or what they called Alternative ROCK. As an African I didnt know where to put that music in my head so you have to forgive for being too cliche or too grainy.

However a few weeks later after talking to a few pals and seeking some advice, I realize that there is a whole movement in Kenya thats following punk rock or alternative rock (which I totally get are two different things). But when I left Kenya I used to attend 6AM parties – and that for me was like BLAZING ROCK, DANCE, TRANCE – very different than the music you guys are doing. But my sources in Kenya tell me I would be shocked. So I am shocked. Anyone in Kenya reading this please shed some light.

For more information on Murfy’s flaw please check them out here:

Listen and download the track here:

Murphys Flaw – In Silence by getmziki

watch the video here:


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