Muthoni – Mikono Kwenye Hewa (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of Muthoni the Drama – Reverb Nation

I’ve seen Muthonis album cover all over the web over the last few months to a point I thought she was just a paint brush artists. Trully there wasn’t much to say or nothing to accompany all the dynamic art of her standing over what appeared to be a set of drums. The image looked like this chile in casual clad – pissed off at the world about to knock the F^&k out of somebody. My ignorance didnt allow me to probe further as the image really didnt keep me wanting to find out more.

The sad reality is that I heard this song last year and never connected the song to the artist or to the visual expressions that I had been looking at over time. The sadder fact is that Chao, tried to put me up on game with her capabilities but I just couldn’t connect a drummer as an urban singing soultress – the image just wasn’t coming through. I also wasn’t really into the whole Blankets and wine thing, it felt too cliche’ in terms of promoting local African Urban Soul Sound. However last week DJ Edu – DNA 1Xtra dropped this track, and before I realized it I was like Bloooood klat!!! isnt that .. wait a minute… hot damn that shit is hot and since then Ive been blasting it since. I have been rushaing “Mikono Kwenye Hewa”. Its possibly how the song was introduced back into my ears through a mix, or possibly the whole 2010 entertainment sound is going to be this fast paced beats that sound like Twista on the hook. A recent discussion with the GetMziki DJs last night also revealed that this is the year of the 120 BPMs and above on all hit tracks and I think thats just what this track is to me.

So to Chao for putting me up on game on Muthoni months ago if not years – THANKS. To wawesh for constantly changing the game on the African Music scene. Big ups. To MUTHONI… This music deserves to be heard outside those African WALLS. I honestly believe this is some shit DAVID GUETTA would like to F^&k with – You are truly an inspiration and a star in the making. I guess UK does some good after all ha ha ha!! 🙂 Ive added some extra material on this post because I feel like I slept on this artists and this song, so enjoy.

ps. Also Muthoni the DRUMMER QUEEN – Hilarious, crazy, innovative, enterprising name – GENIUS total GENIUS

Check out some of the sick album art work here:



Listen to Mikono Kwenye Hewa here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:
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