Mziki – Kaz (GetMziki Special Edition)


image courtesy of Drum Magazine

Honestly I am posting this song because Kaz is a good friend of mines and I’ve always had a secret crush on her. I had this song on my Odeo podcast for years but people slept on it, so I am reposting it here because there is a larger more appreciating audience here (Thank you for visiting GetMziki).

Kaz better known as Karen Lucas is not only sexy, hot or pretty – the fact is she can blow (sing her heart out). She was part of the South African project fame thing together with my other homeboy Didge. I really feel saddened when I look at what folks did with the artists off that whole initiative. But thats not something within my control right now. I personally used to watch Kaz at Intercontinental as she hosted the Karaoke. She would burst out into like a Whitney Houston – leaving me looking behind the speakers to see if they have hidden some other chile.

She is a powerful singer and has the image to complement her music, in the past her image has been clouded by shady boyfriends and men who wanted to damage her career – but am happy she has stood tall and continues to stand tall. Keep making that good music… Mziki is my best song over the last 5 years am sorry Kaz – it is what it is, so I will keep spreading the love with this one song, until you record something new. I think TIM (innovator) produced this track (Tim used to work at Samawati productions and is one of the people who pushed Bamboo’s music in the past).

I am also posting this song because its titled Mziki – for GetMziki (lol how cheezy is that)

listen to Mziki here:


download the track here:


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