Marya Feat Avril – Chokoza


We here at GetMziki have featured Marya before with Hey Baby and Avril with Mama . Both of them have voices and can really sing and coupled with thier beauty, they really form the ultimate collabo pair. On the flip side, the pairing of the duo is a recepie for people to hate and look for fault when there is none.

Now the beat sounds like a “diwali riddim” rip off, but Ogopa Djs put a twist to the beat to make it refreshing and unique in its own way. Now I know some people will compare this track to “Love is wicked” by Brick and Lace but you cannot really blame them. The similarities are just too obvious. The chorus on the song is  catchy and even though the lyrics on the track are sometimes confusing (on the first chorus, they talk about accepting Tequila shots from guys then running off but then on verse 2 they say they are independent women who have their own cash to support themselves-What Is What?????) “Chokoza” shows the maturity and growth of the duo.

I wanna know what people out there think of the track. I believe its worth getting some spins here at GetMziki. Enjoy!!!!!

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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