Dubb DJS – Zouk Fix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


We are currently overwhelmed with the number of mixtapes and mixes we have recieved from DJs all over the world. Truthfully very few of these will or actually do see the light and day in most of our posts. The reason is two fold, 1) We specifically post singles unless something stands out of the crowd and 2) we cant support the sheer volume of the mixes DJs send us. Other reasons however may include the quality of the mixes and the selection of the music in the different genre’s.

Either way we finally found a home for most of the mixtapes released unless something stands out of the crowd like this mix here. Allen aka DJ A Dubb is not only a friend but a partner in many other things (Heineken Drinking Federation Club). I told A Dubb one day that you cant call yourself a DJ in my opinion if you don’t have two things – 1) A Mix CD with you all the time (your own), 2) A resource online for your work (mixcrate, soundcloud, your own blog eta). The world has changed and you have to change with it, you cant go to an interview and tell the employer you will bring your resume later, you go to an interview ready and armored. Seems A Dubb took me seriously and 12months later two highly circulated mixtapes and a world of online mixes later I realize he means business.

The Dubb DJs are a group of 3 brothers all part of the HDFC as well, but mostly or probably the last DJ crew in the US to be formed and to exist simply by virtue of skill (and of course kinship). Actually there are very few or rare DJ Units in the US, its hard to find collective skill or partnerships in one area – DJs tend to compete amongst each other out here which is kinda pathetic at times. Either way I think The Dubbs would be the next best thing to watch out for in the US Diaspora market. This Mix validates everything I have been asking for in a long time – which is – just good music. Music I can sit down with my folks and listen to, because lets face it I am aging and I am tired of changing the station when I am in the car with my folks or my daughter. The truth is that we are all aging and unfortunately some of our taste makers are not aging with us, and hence the quality of the craft still sits where it was 10 years ago.

I stopped judging mixes based on quality of mixing a while back – I now judge music and mixes based on sound, genre and music selection which I think in my opinion was well covered here. The Dubb DJs will be handing out these mixes in Las Vegas this weekend for free to some lucky party goers – however if you have good bandwidth grab a copy right now… and enjoy some grown folk urban music..

Ps. I also want to pay tribute to one cat that I probably have never posted here but his work doesnt go unnoticed DJ Spinz (http://dj-allanspinz.podomatic.com/) is one cat I feel that just needs to be recognized coz he doesnt really do things for the hype or fame – I see this cat as one cat who does things for himself and to make himself better each day. Allan Guto I salute you, you have heart and I love the fact that you consistently update your Podcast. We have a project almost done 9 MIXTAPES – www.9mixtapes.com where we will hopefully show case a lot more of your current work but I honestly respect your hustle. To all other cats – the INTERNET is your friend, please EMBRACE it and post your work somewhere – push your brand before you get to us. Respect!!!

Track list:

1 Dubb Djs Intro Dubb Djs Feat Roger Whitaker
2 Noitre Histoire Marvin
3 Bembeleza Marlaw
4 Ninachokipata Q-Chief
5 Mimi na Wewe Abby Skills & Mr.Blue
6 Colle Kymani Feat Aynell
7 Nak Nakshi Mrembo Ali Kiba
8 Nalia Abby Skills & Mr.Blue
9 Siri Yangu Jay Dee
10 Mapenzi Yana Raha Bushoke
11 Wanaume Jay Dee Feat Papii Kocha
12 Pressure Hafsa Kazinja
13 Kama Yule Q-Chief
14 Uko Wapi Ray C
15 Na Wewe Milele Ray C
16 Kichuna Kidum
17 Money Money 20%
18 Binti kimanzi Bushoke Feat 20%
19 Kulala Sebuleni Mhina Panduka
20 Zaidi Ya Jana Q-Chief
21 Nieleze PNC
22 Tuvumuliane Priva
23 Mama Rhoda Bushoke
24 Mume Bwege Bushoke
25 Hakuna Kulala Juma Nature

listen to Dubb DJ Zouk Mix here:


download the Mix here:

[Download from the Dubb Mixcrate – Dubb Zouk Fix]


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