Naeto C feat Ikechukwu – Kini Big Deal


Its obvious its been busy here – we’ve been trying to push out a new blog look and theme which is still unfinished. Please feel free to give us your comments and constructive criticism if you can. Some things will definitely change and some will stay its the nature of progression.

I think through our my GetMziki Journey one thing has become apparent to me – the Naija music engine is a well oiled mechanism. These cats understand the business and they know how to put shit together. The quality of the videos in Naija has improved so much since 4 years ago its amazing each time I watch a Naija video I start comparing that with any work that is coming out of Kenya and East Africa today. This is not to say that East Africa is not putting out any real good material – all I am saying is sheer volume of relevance in Naija is overwhelming in comparison to East Africa (yes I said it all 3 countries).

I am particularly moved and inspired by folks over at 360 Storm Records (Entertainment). It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is a movement that comes with marketing geniuses, creative folks and to top it off they have a roaster of artists they serve that they look after so well. I don’t even know the cats but I want to meet them soon – I know that much.

I have been an avid follower of Naeto C and it took DJ Edu to revive my taste buds. (Thats why I like that DJ Edu – DNA show – you never know what to expect). Sadly I enjoy a lot of his older shows – so I am always playing catch up to his exclusives. As it is this is a track that was played or debuted sometimes last year but I still feel as though its relevant because its not hit the US streets HAAARD.

Anyway the quality of this track may not be all that but I still thought it was relevant… KINI BIG DEAL. I understand it won some MTV awards in Africa…

listen to Kini Big Deal here:

[audio: Kini_Big_deal.mp3]

download the track here:

watch the video here:


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