Nako2Nako Soldiers – Nipe Tano (Mchizi Wangu)


Nako2Nako Soldiers

A few years ago I worked closely with some cats who run Duplex studios in Kenya (Nairobi West/Madaraka area) Actually the studio is by the shopping center right near the round about of Mada and West. That said, Duplex was a very small studio that used to churn out hits, after hits. Tshazi is one of the by products of this studio together with some other cat called Hiram (who just happens to be another sick producer in my opinion, he is responsible for most of Abbas hits).

Anyway I was working on an underground mixtape project and ran into a group called Nako2Nako soldiers, Which is mainly Ibra da hustler and Lord Eyes (don’t ask me about their names). The group is definitely much larger now, but back then it was these two cats making noise… I have all the masters to the mixtape I was working on, but this is one of the tracks of that mixtape… Pay attention to the kick and snare (Big ups to Big Steve – and all the Duplex cats who showed me much love). Nyie ndio wachizi wangu!.. I think Hiram doesn’t work with Duplex but still the whole team was exciting.

I am sharing the main song and the instrumental (instrumentals can be found by the instrumental section)

listen to mchizi wangu main track here :


Download the track here:

listen to mchizi wangu instrumental here :


Download the instrumental here :

ps. They have a sick track that I also like produced by P-Funk called Hawatuwezi, if someone has a good copy or a good quality copy please do the needful. // thats my song for sho…


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