Ngwea feat Fid Q – CNN (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



I am always excited to hear new music from Ngwea and anything produced by P-Funk. Bongo Records is at it again. Real Talk though I think P-Funk is still the pioneer of Bongo Flava in the region. I have often said its safe to gauge where Bongo Flava is headed based on what type of music he will put out. This track here is a testament to that truth. As much as there are new comers into the scene mainly people like LEMAR and other old school giants like Ambrose (Mandugu). I still feel like there is something unique that P-Funk brings to the game thats always like a game changer. I will explain my thoughts at a later post not today.

For today I feel blessed to know that my posse Chamba Squad is still doing well and killing it on the mic. Ngwea has had hits for days, he is the artists behind “She got it Gwan“, he is also the man behind “Mikasi” and one of my favorite tracks that I need to post soon ” Kimya Kimya” . With that kind of track record you cant expect anything less from the Chamber Squad pioneer.

I’ve spent a gang of time with the crew back in my youth (makes me feel Old) ha ha ha but back in my hay days I used to sit in the corner with my blunt in my hand with the crew – am old school now. heres proof of that.


Anyway good times, good times. heres some heat from Ngwea – the track is not really new it dropped sometime last yeah in July/August but its been making the rounds in East Africa this week so we thought to give it a spin today.

listen to CNN here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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