Abbas – Kariobangi South (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Abbas Kubaff

Is it rather obvious that we love ABBAS KUBAFF (Doobiez) at GetMziki? Well if it isnt we probably have posted over 6 to 7 tracks of his previous album and from the looks of the new upcoming material we will be posting about 7 more. Abbas is a small genius in my perspective, I think lyrically and vocally he just gets it and knows how to deliver it. He partners with the right producers who know how to bring his sound out. I am yet to hear a beat that I didn’t think he murdered or he didn’t deliver as he should have.

I am really not going to go into details about Abbas because i have over explained his persona in previous posts. What I would like to do right now is shut up and listen to this track again…. Killer Killer I love it… K south is back. How about BAMBOO makes a remake? TIM uko wapi?

listen to Kariobangi south


download the track here:


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