Ohzy Feat Crazy K and Susumila – Sherehe



This is another new one from Mombasa based artist Ohzy who was featured as part of the 2012 Top 10 freshmen

Back in 2012 here is what we had to say

Why You Should Care: Ohzy’s has created his own following especially in the coastal region with various records getting constant radio play, show performances and getting song features with some big artists. He also has a major song catalog which shows his drive to consistently stay in the studio. His signature swahili raps and punch lines also make it easier his music cross over to neighbouring Tanzania and other regions.

Next Steps: Ohzy needs to slowly spread his wings across the coast region and get some features with various artists across the country. With the number of records under his belt, the time is right for him to release his official album or an EP .

Missing pieces to improve on: . Like a few of the other top 10 artists, he needs to make his music more accessible, exploit soundcloud, Twitter and reverbnation to the max, increase distribution by also getting his content to different blogs both outside and inside Kenya.

Fast forward to 2016 and Ohzy is on the right track as an artist by releasing records that have been topping various charts. He’s also definitely improved by making his music accessible and slowly but surely building that solid fanbase

“Sherehe” produced by Morbiz (Thunder Sounds) is Ohzy’s latest offering that features Crazy K and the the king of hooks Susumila.

Sherehe is a solid offering from Ozhy. Ngoma iko juu!!!!


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:


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