Ommy Dimpoz Feat Jay Martins – Tupogo (***GetMziki Exclusive)



When I first got this track I was skeptical even before listening to it as we’ve been seeing a number of EA artists trying to copy and emulate the whole “Naija-Esq” records that are out there. After a while even for any music loving fun, it gets old, boring and monotonous. Any artists out there trying to venture into that field better know that most of them will be venturing into the “flop record” category. I mean, how many records have we featured in the past 6 months from EA artists that ventured into the whole Naija beats and flow and very few of them if any of them got any consistent airplay in the radio or clubs. We didn’t like the records then and we were vocal about that.

First forward to why I was skeptical about this new record from Tanzanian Ommy Dimpoz Featuring Nigerian artist Jay Martins. Ommy really stayed in his Bongo lane and invited Jay martins to the EA musical world by having a great production and a great hook to accompany the record. I like Ommy Dimpoz delivery on this and the J. Martins Feature works lovely.

Update: Wrong link to the song download has been fixed.

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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