Brand New: P-Unit – Juu tu Sana


Some brand new heat from P-Unit and their lead super producer Musyoka (Dr. Dre wa Kenya). Am conflicted about the whole style at approach, considering am an avid Musyoka fan and P-Unit fan, I feel like this song has missed the plot for me. Musyoka is a super producer – that’s not the issue, but I think this beat was not meant for P-Unit that’s just my opinion.

Ever since Kenya decided to adopt the Southern style, there have been some hit and misses, some of the more notable ones are akina Madtraxx Boda Boda, and akina Tshazi and Abbas tracks amongst others. I am not sure about this as a budding genre for Kenyan urban music either way I strongly believe that the life cycle of these tracks is very short lived and eventually either all these artists will fall off or they will have to re-define themselves.

This song deserves to be with some US artist, the beat is too western and I don’t think it will make it as a club banger.. but I’ve been wrong before so you never know.

So I retract my comments – this song eventually ended up being one of the biggest songs in 2008 // the theme title track became a national slogan… As Musyoka Noted somewhere on the comments below.. GAME yao iko Juu, iko Juu tu Sana!!

listen to juu tu sana here:


download the track here:


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