BRAND NEW: Bamboo – Tabia Mbaya (feat Archapello)


image courtesy of Jamhuri Wear and Bamboo

I’ve been reluctant posting some of Bamboo’s new music that I have (stuff like Bumaye and other mixtapes he has made). The reason being that I personally felt that Bamboo has decided to take a different route in his music, at which point in any case I supported him (and continue to support that route). The new material has been a little too Western-centric so I felt that it would be difficult to make a connection with the growing Kenyan market and the DJs to push in Kenya.

However when Bamboo and Kim sent me this song this week I knew I couldnt hold it any longer. I am so excited not only because Bamboo is a close friend, but more so because I feel as though BAMBOO is back… this is the BAMBOO I know this is the ORIGINAL BAMBOO. The snappy cuts, the cutting edge lyrics and the subtle beat that doesn’t override his voice .. SICK.. SICK.. WELCOME BACK. This song will be on high rotation in Kenya I can guarantee and I will see to it.. personally ha ha ha.

On this track Bamboo addresses all his critics, all the fans, and kindly re-affirms to his fans, friends and family that he is still the same cat. “Bado mimi hupenda maziwa mala na ugali” SICK SICK SICK … Am overwhelmed this evening infact nime dedi…

Bamboo Bumayeeee!!!!

listen to tabia mbaya here:


downoad the track here:


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