PBH – Dame naweza penda


image courtesy of Bari Bonds Facebook

After living in San Francisco for a few years I rea

lised that one of the greatest baseball players Barry Bonds was forever going to be clouded in controversy. Little did I know that there was another Barry Bonds (spelled Bari Bonds) in Kenya who hails from Athi river (or what they call ATR). Bari Bonds is one of the rappers from PBH a hip hop group comprised of him, Samora and Cynosure (Tosh).

I got this track from one of their peoples a while back but I had no info on the group until last week. They seem to have Reverb Nation page which has most of their info, apart from that it seems like Bari is probably the more indexed member of the group as opposed to the rest of them. I kinda like this song, its subtle smooth and the type of track you will listen to in a car or at home on a mellow Sunday. Am not sure about the lyrical delivery, ive heard better but definitely one of this cats can spit.

give it a listen let me know what you think..

listen to dame naweza penda here:


download the track here:


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