M.O.G – Let Him Go



I’ve been away for a couple of weeks now visiting the motherland and got to do a couple of shows at home thus getting to know the “hits” driving the streets, radio and clubs crazy. In the next few days I’m going to post songs that are driving the streets crazy in East Africa now hands down!!!. The songs might not necessarily be new but they definitely deserve a spot on GetMziki.

I won’t lie, but the first post I thought I would hit the readers up with is the song “Wi Mutheru” that Leo just posted up the other day ( Its one of the the biggest gospel song in Kenya sahii hands down lol)

The first song that is driving the streets crazy is ‘Let Him Go” by the Kenyan group “Men of God” or M.O.G comprising of Paul “Boss” Onyango, Tony Mburu, and Kennedy “Ken-T” Kiman who won the award for group of the year in the 2009 Groove awards. We’ve had this discussion so many times about Gospel music and its presence in the clubs but like I’ve always insisted good music is good music regardless.  Those who know about this track know how big it is and its impact in the clubs and radio.

Listen to “Let him go” and keep the comments coming !!!!!

Listen to the song below:

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/Let Him Go Rmx – M.O.G – Let Him Go.mp3]

Download the song Below:

Watch the Video Below


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