Mpishi – Nenda Kesho (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of Mpishi

Tony emailed me this jam a while back but I slept on it as I do with many other tracks I have to sit and listen to over and over again. I guess am learning that its not such a bad thing to admit that you are overwhelmed. But in this business or industry being overwhelmed is better than being underwhelmed. It just means that there is so much music out there that you really need to spend more time and effort to post or focus on the really good tunes.

Of the two tracks he sent me I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to showcase as his main single, especially considering Mpishi is struggling with school, work and music (his passion) it was hard to tell which one he spent more time producing. The second track on his list was “Tume Come Kudunda” which I didn’t really like – I felt it was too cliche, however this one am posting “Nenda Kesho” is worthy of some spins. Considering the man produces his own work and of course raps and flows on his own beats – I think its worth recognizing his efforts.

Tony tried to explain to me why the name Mpishi, but i got lost somewhere in that Food for the soul and nyama ya ulimi explanation he he he. Maybe nili hata but real talk I think you need to explain that to me one more time. Anyway if you attended the Dallas Memorial festivities you may have been blessed to see this cat on stage but if you didn’t, dont worry I am sure he will be getting on stage pretty soon. This is a humble beginning to a long career, if you stay focused and on track I am sure the material will get better.

listen to nenda kesho here:


download the track here:


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