Prezzo feat Kaz – Nataka Tupendane


image courtesy of Prezzo

I’ve know Prezz for a long time, I actually met Prezz through Stylez who both went to school in Canada. Personally I call him by his previous name – Jackson, i’ve failed to acknowledge Jaheim I dont know why maybe its just me.

Prezz can be many things to many people, and many people are many things to him. However one thing I cant take away from him, is that once you get to know him personally he is one cool cat. I’ve had dinner, drinks and loads of stuff at his family home as well as he also has taken time out of his busy schedule to visit my ass whenever I was in town. Personally I admire the fact that we share a common ancestry – we both have close ties to Tanzania and love Bongo with all our hearts, yet Kenya is the country of choice when it comes to residency.

Prezzo is the only Kenyan artists to date in East Africa who has set the bar or the standards for class, style and what I call funkshweee! After Prezz you probably have Chameleon and other Ugandan artists. Prezz has a full time bodyguard, a house, several cars and probably is the only artists I know who can live off his side businesses comfortably without worrying about his next album. His demeanor has forever changed the Kenyan hiphop market and it will be a tough call for any new aspiring artists to beat him (in terms of BRANDING).

This track is off his upcoming album that has some heat – Prezz may not be your best lyrisist but you are guaranteed to sing along to his songs and find a way to connect regardless – There are rumors that this track was dedicated to the love of his life, I am not sure – we are yet to find out…. listen to his hit track

p.s – this is a ULOPA Ngoma production also.. ULOPA is on FIRE Kenya I tell you ULOPA is taking over whether we like it or not… somehow this cat has found a way to fuze Genge/Kapuka/HipHop/Benga into one nice African Theme – ULOPA… I continue to salute your work…

listen to Nataka tupendane here:


download the song here:


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