Professor Jay feat Marco Chali – Kamiligado (Getmziki Exclusive ***)


Proff Jay is working on some new material and so far I can tell you the response is phenomenal. When you get producers and DJs making mad remixes to your track then you know you have a hit on your hands. But for this particular track i don’t think the fact that I have my hands on the original and one phenomenal remix are what excite me the most. I think its the fact that Prof and Marco Chali have built an entire website to push this single.

When was the last time you saw an East African artist go to this great lenght to push his single? Check out the website and the free download (something I encourage all artists to do before they drop their albums).

I have to say I am totally impressed. Now back to the music, Kamili gado which is sort of a slang word in Tanzania (Kamili means complete) so I figure folks in the streets use it a lot to refer to how settled a dude might be. I could be wrong with my out dated swahili but ideally thats what I hear it means. The original track recorded at MJ records and produced by Marco Chali is official – but Alvin dropped this wicked Dance/Pop/Trance mix that for me completes my weekend.

listen and download the original track here:

Professor Jay Ft Marco Chali – Kamili Gado Prod by Marco Chali by getmziki

listen and download the Dance house mix here:

Prof.J ft. Marco Chali – Kamiligado (J-Ryder Remix) by getmziki


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