Brand New: Rabbit feat Oddinary – Jam Nakam (Get Mziki New Artists Review)


I think this track has been out for a while but we will profile it as if its a new joint. mainly because we have never featured any of these artists on GetMziki ever. It took me a while to figure out the title of the track when the track was sent to me. JAM NA KAM I think the track was supposed to be Niko kwa Jam na come (Am in traffic I am coming through). I think that has to be the worst title track ever.

Regardless its an interesting track, I am conflicted about the vocal prowess of the crew although one of the dudes sound like the guy from Crazy (walanguzi), but am not sure. Either way I think Its just an okay song, its not anything I would put on my ipod but I am sure there are some guys here who will actually break bread for this track. DJ Wise and Sneed are behind this production, enuff said from me before I maul this track totally… 🙂

listen to nakam here:


download track here:

watch the video here:


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