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One of the joys of the 2015 music world is the accessibility of music across different continents and countries, making people enjoy different cultures and music sounds at the same time. However there is so much garbage music out there and sometimes you have to rely on people to put you on good quality music.

We have a few people who work on the side lines for us by providing exclusive music to us and giving us some background information on the artists. It’s something different when you have someone email you and tell you “check out this song” , it’s the hottest song in Africa as opposed to someone you know telling you “When I’m djing and I drop this record, the crowds go insane”.

So this past weekend one of our good pals Dj Dan Mixa was djing at an event and when he dropped AmaRulah, he told me the ladies and guys went crazy with enough people asking him to replay the record. This is a record that is not necessarily new but now catching up on the streets, radio and clubs.

As I write this, I’m in the process of getting some of his other music projects. With such music I’m sure he has a few dope records out there. Roberto is younger brother to Ozzy, that had the hit song “Potential” with Radio & Weasle. According to his reverbnation page

Roberto is a Zambian singer/songwriter/producer and the youngest of a musical family, so it was only fathomable that he would follow in the footsteps of his parents and older sibling, very well-known Zambian singer/songwriter/producer Ozzy. Roberto entered the music scene as a rapper, and later turned singer after being inspired by Usher’s hit song “My Way”; Roberto later encountered a career turning experience after traveling to and living in South Africa for a period of time. Whilst in South Africa Roberto wrote songs for and worked with well-known South African artists, such as Boom Shaka, Thebe and Buso, just to name a few. This propelled Roberto’s confidence and career to the next level and led him to joining forces with Explosive, whom at the time had regular features on Channel ‘O’ and gave him the opportunity to write and produce his first track titled “Chest to Chest” which paved the way for Roberto in the African Music scene.

Listen to the banger below:

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:


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