Stella Mwangi- Big Girl



Multi-talented Kenyan-Norwegian artiste Stella Mwangi releases new single BIG GIRL– off her anticipated upcoming self-titled EP, set to drop Today.

Speaking about her new release, Stella Mwangi says, “BIG GIRL was the first song we made for the EP,” adding, “I am just in a playful mood dancing around the fact that I’m a grown girl and I can now do what I want when I want. I’m just being a bit cocky and funny at the same time.”
BIG GIRL is a mix of Stella Mwangi’s distinct and authentic hip hop flow with bonafide electronic dance music. The song is a certified club hit, set to spark dance floors and the streets globally. BIG GIRL is the precursor to Stella’s upcoming EP and produced by Stella’s Norwegian producers: BIG CITY in collaboration with & positi The song is written and performed by Stella Mwangi.
Stella Mwangi’s upcoming music project is set to add a different sound into the African music sphere. It will yet again unite her fans across the globe and remain authentic to her style and origin. Stella confirms that the project is titled STELLA MWANGI and will be out 21st October 2016 in a worldwide release.


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