STL – Biacara (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Stella Mwangi image courtesy of STL Myspace page So let me be real I’ve written about Stella Mwangi on this blog enough times no need for me to go over and over about who she is and how she does what she do. However . However. However. I wrote off STL as a Werstern/US product, hence I stopped posting most of her songs off the new album on the site. I personally listen to about 4 to 5 songs off her album (The entire album is a classic). My favorite song is that “RADIO TUNING”, I feel as if she made it for me – for the secret love affair we never had when I was on RADIO 🙂 lol (Call it wishful thinking). Moving on – this song is not on the new album, at least not on the copy i got… because honestly if I had this song before I would have posted it without thinking twice. Stella made her first Kikuyu song (lets call it Kikuyu rap) because this cant be a song. For someone who doesn’t even speak good swahili, when I heard this joint I was like hold up – Aint no way she pulled this off so lucid – I mean its like she straight up be talking Kyuk like she left last week. Maybe thats what makes Kenyans unique, it don’t matter how long you live out of the country – your kyuk, or jango will still be fly. I mean she even shrubs her name on the track just to make it more authentic (Sterra Nyambuura!) .. Kenya Stand up for real. I know my man Kimathi will be pissing on me after I post this track because I dissed it before I even listened to it, so I take my silly comments back – real talk this is a fresh hit – when I hear fly fresh music I will post and share – so here. Big ups to DJ Edu for playing this track last week on DNA. However screw him though for pretending GetMziki doesn’t exist considering we give him so much love and props on the site yet he lengas our shouts! No biggie though we still do our thing. (thats just me being bitter and personal) Otherwise STELLA // Big ups my ipod has a folder called ‘Stella My Love’ – where I rotate “The Dreamer” its on cruise control. So that song taught me to keep aiming and keep wishing – so am still waiting for you to holla at a bruh.. I know you read this site .. he he he .. so help me stop dreaming “they call me such a dreamer” !! Enjoy the track here listen to Biacara here:
download the track here:


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