Brand New: STL – Dreamer


image courtesy of STL Myspace

The first time I met STL, I admit I was busy trying to get at her and give her my number. Truth be told this is one sexy ass chile. HAIMATI (it doesn’t matter) what your definition of cute, hot or sexy is – trust me when you meet this chile face to face, there is something hot and sexy about her. Mahaga!! demeanor, approach, how she carries herself and most importantly her accent… But at the time she was too focused on having this conversation with Wawesh in Norwegian (that shit was too hot) I think the idea of a Kenyan speaking in some foreign language is just exotic… But I digress.

STL came to Kenya at the time (2004) trying to penetrate the local market, but truth be told she has never been Kenyan material or at any level or any standard Kenyan. Am just calling this as I see it now and its what I told her then. She tried putting a couple of hooks here and there with akina Kantai and a few other local acts but to me all these were meaningless attempts trying to get the local market to recognize her talents. The girl was too far in her game, there was no way we could put STL next to Ratatat or Lady S and compare them as one product. Nah!!! STL was and is a global brand – and she will always be. I’ve never met a Kenyan female artist who could flow like Stella (Stella Mwangi is her real name) apart from Nazizi… (and thats the old Nazizi, before she discovered roots and reggae).

GetMziki salutes you Stella, this single is hot, the packaging is hot and I believe the market is ready for you. The Video is also super hot! And I personally am just glad that you are back doing what you are good at – good rap, soulfull music – I don’t want to wake up either….

listen to STL’s Dreamer here:


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