Swahili Nation – Gangsta Luv


Some more random music from people who came and went like the holocaust. Am kinda dissing Swahili Nation because this whole Gangsta luv stuff doesn’t sit well with me on many levels. Then again am the same person who didn’t like the overly hyped Logombaz track that I am not forced to listen to every day coz its a hit.

Many people wouldn’t remember that Swahili Nation actually comprised a group of East Africans – it was a well packaged product that came to Kenya and took the crowds by storm. That Mpenzi nakutaka song was off the chains, I think I still sing it to date. A good friend of mine who passed away years ago called James Dandu – Cool James (Mtoto Wa Dandu) was part of Swahili Nation back in the day. James passed away on August 27th 2002 (and we miss him dearly), but from those dates you can tell how far back the “real” Swahili Nation dropped hits. The group was based in Sweden which I think is where they are still currently based at.

Anyway without further due here is a track they released a while back but its been sitting in my archives – maybe some DJs can make some good use of it.

listen to Gangsta Luv here:


download the track here:


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