Take Over DJs & Black Supremacy presents – MADD Dancehall Anthems


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I want to do this right and I want to do it quick because we are building a home for all these mixes and most of them dont deserve to be here. The reason being there is no way to justify having a Dancehall or an R&B mix on GetMziki. This is the home of African Urban music not Jamaican popular music, however exceptions to the rule include Mixes done by Africans/Kenyans very own so it really is a fine line. That said because 9Mixtapes is not ready yet, there are two or three mixes that I think everyone deserves to have.

This is the first mix put together gladly by TOD and BS // If there was ever going to be a Dangerous Dancehall mix this would on the top 15 list simply because of the two DJ crews putting it together. My personal opinion is that I wasn’t overtly impressed – it lacked a few mashups here and there and didn’t have the classic Dancehall sirens and Jamaican blab in the background. Reason I say this is coz Chris/Focus has a sick ass Dancehall mix he did for Homeboyz Radio (I will post that shortly also). That has Black Eyed Peas and Bob Marley Zion – THATS THE SICKEST thing I’ve heard this whole Quarter. Really I have been unimpressed with many things until he sent me that mix. I would have loved to hear more of that on this Compilation.

However from a sheer entertainment perspective, this is ONE GOOD compilation of the biggest 2010 Dancehall tracks. Its a must have. I like the fact that they put a CD cover to go with the tracks coz thats the one thing we at GetMziki Cry for everyday. If your’e a DJ and you make a mix, please do the courtesy of sending it with a track list. Its just baseless to upload a mix people cant figure out who is who on the session.

Anyway lets start with this MADD mix I will post 3 more mixes I’ve received in the last 3 weeks that I think are a must have. DJ KayDee has an AFRO BEAT mix thats just a MUST HAVE. Lets Go!

listen to MADD here:


download the mix here:

http://www.mediafire.com/?mmkyggm221j | [Right Click and hit Save Target As]


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