STREET LETHAL VIRUS – AFROBEAT : DJ Kaydee (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


In my continuation of the Mixtapes/Mixes series this is the second Mix I wanted to highlight thats a MUST HAVE. I threw a challenge at Kaydee a while back. I told Kaydee folks need something different from DJ’s today. The whole Genge/Kapuka and pop mixes has been done – there is an over saturation of so many Similar mixes floating around the internet in one form or the other. So whats going to be your differentiator? I have told the same thing to a couple of out DJs I like out there, I keep telling them its too cloudy out there you need to clear things out by being one of the few DJs who can stand out.

And for months Kaydee never really responded with what he would do. He still hasnt responded, but when he sent this I emailed him back and told him welcome/ now you are talking my language. Kay dee has been working on a frequent Web series of the STREET LETHAL Mixes (btw he is very consistent on delivering these mixes). Each week or two he sends a mix of different genre – to me everything else he sent was just okay and good until he put this together. Unfortunately I dont have the tracklist nor the artwork to this particular session but I think its a must have. It may be annoying the same music I grew up listening to and hating is the same music I am drawn to and enjoy because I get to dance to it. It may also be that the popular Urban tracks are stealing small bits and pieces of that Benga and Congolese sound here and there that its beginning to closely resemble each other. Needless to say this is a MUST HAVE – Kaydee mix.

On the flip side – Side note: There are two different, VERY Different Kay Dees. Many folks in the US know of DJ Kay Dee from Denver (old school cat – very very very humble cool dude, I love this dude sana one of my good friends). And then there is DJ Kay Dee from Kenya (KayDeethal) .. I’ve also know Kay Dee – Kenya for a long time. Kay Dee is the king of JAM SESSION at F2. He has been the long standing DJ at F2 for years and probably responsible for so many talented guys who are discovered at F2. He currently is part of TOD (Take Over DJs) and has been to the US several times before.

Either way this is fire.

listen to AFROBEAT here:


download the mix here:

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