TID feat Lady Jay Dee & AY – Sifai


This track dropped in October last year but for some reason the version we posted on our homepage hasnt been working so we’ve gotten tonnes of requests to make it available on the blog so here goes. This just so happens to be one of my biggest tracks in 2010, I managed TID for a while at some point in my infancy in the East African Entertainment industry – to date I still feel he is one of more talented vocalist in the region.

As for Lady Jaydee, she has been working frivolously to promote some pure drinking water that she’s been working on for a while. Personally I have no real opinion about the move I think anything any artist can do to better themselves or their lifestyle is fine by me. However I was against her recent Magical Chinese coffee promotion which apparently she claimed made her husband lose weight and stuff… after reading what she was recommending you do in order for the magical coffee to work I was like – damn thats just a diet hakuna kitu special. Anyway I cant knock her hustle, home girl puts in work and effort to push her brands.

Here is Jaydee at the press release:
Lady Jaydee Water

Here is an image of the actual water:
Lady Jay Dee Water - 01

LADY JAYDEE: Facebook – [Like Lady Jaydee’s Facebook Fan Page]

listen to sifai here:


download the tack here:

[Right click and hit save target as]

watch the video here:


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